Driven from Cuba with warm love.

Collaborating with descentralization from Cuba by supporting Cardano™.

How to delegate?

1. Download Yoroi or Daedalus wallet apps from its official websites.

2. Create Shelley wallet (store safely the secret words and the spending password).

3. Send funds ADA to the created wallet address.

4. Go to Staking / Delegation Center inside the app.

5. Search for LIMON Pool.

6. Click on the Delegate button.

Pool information

Fixed fee

Margin fee






Live stake


Active stake


Lifetime blocks



ADA price


Hardware specs


6 vCPU Cores

400 GB SSD


Limon is a Cuban Stake Pool of Cardano™ network, whose main goal is to participate in the network consensus and support its global decentralization. One of the main objectives of Cardano™ is to solve the financial problems of still developing countries, and for this reason, we want to support this immense project from Cuba.


Are my ADA locked when I Stake in the Pool?
In Cardano the Staking process don't lock your ADA and you are always able to send/spend them at any time.
Is there any risk to lose my ADA while Staking in the Pool?
There isn't any risk in the staking process. Just keep your wallet secret words and spending password safe.
Must I withdraw my rewards every Epoch?
Your rewards are auto-staked so you don't need to withdraw them unless you are going to spend/send them out
What happens if I add more ADA to mi wallet?
Every new ADA that you send to you wallet is auto-staked, so you don't need doing anything
When should I receive my rewards?
For being rewarded the Pool needs to produce blocks. The first reward always arrives between 15 and 20 days after the delegation. As of there it will come at the end of every Epoch (5 days).